Towards Harmony Stainless Steel 126″ x 78.74 inches 2004, 2005, 2006

The Spiritual Nobility of our Foundations

When making this sculpture, I drew inspiration from the human being and his projections – family, communities, states or nations– and from the thought of the horror derived from all the acts of violence through which we, human beings, attempt to impose our own individual truths.

I imagined a structure based on the potential of the human being, on his inherent luminosity and not on the darkness in which we are so frequently immersed.

This implied envisaging myself and the other in a different light, from a new perspective based on the eternal process of transformation that life invites us to go through.

The human being is born with an “inner peace” that is repeatedly disturbed by internal events, such as physical illness or pain; by emotional factors such as grief, suffering, and frustrations, or by events in the environment. Then he forms a family whose peace is disturbed by personality differences, which may result in disagreements, conflicts and problems that may be solved or not, depending on the circumstances, mood, and stage of evolution of its members.

Groups of families form communities, societies, provinces, which also develop a peaceful way of carrying out their activities. When problems arise, they are solved by applying social rules, which sometimes are not respected.

The grouping of states, provinces or communities gives rise to the creation of nations which, depending on their characteristics and ways of interrelating, may or may not have a peaceful evolution.

In all these groups, the basic unit is always the human being. Inasmuch as the human being works out his miseries and defects through different means contributing to a true process of transformation, a way towards a more peaceful life will become institutionalized. This transformation will require constant, arduous, painful work, but its achievement may be glorious. People will thus become more aware of the possibility of solving differences peacefully and of attaining the harmony to which the title of this sculpture makes reference.

In the sculpture, the module representing transformation has rounded shapes, alluding to the flexibility that is an essential requisite for the human being to achieve this change. Following the same criterion, the module representing inner peace features concave forms.

This process enhances and consolidates the individual´s inner peace, thus being essential for his attainment of a better self-relationship, a better relationship with his fellow-men, and a better relationship with the universe, and contributing to his achievement of completeness.

The view of the finished sculpture persuaded me of the fact that a more peaceful future is possible. Beyond horror, misery or pain, life always offers us the chance for a new beginning, provided that we become aware of the spiritual nobility of our foundations.

Delia Solari

Towards Harmony
Stainless Steel
126″ x 78.74 inches
2004, 2005, 2006