Delia Solari has begun to develop a new activity: filmmaking.

She made their Short Film “Renascence”, with a talented group of professionals headed by Juan Martín Hsu and Damian Roth.
The Film has been made in English and lasts 21 minutes.

The Short Film was accepted and won awards in:
* Jersey Shore International Film Festival, Best Foreign Short Award in July 2011.
* New York City International Film Festival, Best Original Foreign Short in August 2011.
* Commfest Global Community Film Festival, Honorable mention in September 2011.
* Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival, Honorable Mention in October 2011
* Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner 2013 (Second version “Renascence” Director’s Cut 24 minutes.)


A film by Delia Solari.

Script: Jorge Solari on original idea Delia Solari


Adela: H. Alane Henes

Bill: Nicolás Sansolone

Marisa: Abby Feldman

Peter: Ricardo Zacarías

Others pupils: Jonhatan Squivel, Nadin Janka and Belen Maffei

Extras: (thieves) Damian Roth, Marco Dreyer

Producer: Damian Roth y Delia Solari

Executive Producer: Delia Solari.

Director: Juan Martín Hsu y Delia Solari.

Assistant Director: Santiago Bonavera.

Director of Photography: Ana Laura Álvarez

Photography Assistant: Lucía Miranda

Camera: Martín Turnes

Foquist: María Gracie Geranio

Lights: Marco Dryer

Fly Cam: Walter Fara

Art Director: Delia Solari y Florentina 

Dib Art Assistant: Juan José Lagomarsino

Costume: Florentina Dib y Delia Solari

Art & Costume Assistant: Renata Gelosi. Makeup: Florentina Dib

Sound: Pablo Córdoba

FX: Lanfranco Burattine

Editing: Juan Martín Hsu y Alejandro Rath

Animations: Pablo Zolkwer

Music: Damian Henquin parts of “Towards Peace Hymn”

Times Square Crew: Majo Grossi team

Traslations: Rumbos Translations & Marian Kancepolsky

TYPE: Shortfilm

GENRE: Drama, Art, Historical

NICHE: Youth / Adolescence

Foreign Titles

ENGLISH: Renascence
SPANISH: Renacimiento


Three Line Synopsis
Adela is a painter teacher who recently divorced and feels a great sorrow.

She had had a terrible nightmare that will happen.

She shows the positive effects on searching peace of a way of living.
Brief Synopsis

Adela is a painter teacher who recently divorced and feels a great sorrow. She has a pretender but she is always living her memories.

During the lessons with her students, she teaches the advance abstract techniques but in the class there are students with different personalities: some aggressive and others calms. They discuss about peace and war. Adela thinks the peace is a better way to achieve the goals.

She had had a terrible nightmare that will happen. She shows the positive effects on searching peace of a way of living making one sculpture.

The end is very tragic but the students go on their lives on peaceful way. They built the Monument to Peace on her honor.

Full Synopsis

In New York there is a painter teacher who after her divorce she gave painting lessons instead of painting.

In her old house she has a studio and few students. In the classroom Adela teaches about abstract techniques and discuss with youth people about the art in actual world and the intensives work with deep philosophy. She is very hard on the teaching process and one of the students thinks is like to be in a military academy’. But Adela said if they believe that famous painters were born knowing how to paint their masterpieces. She, Marisa, answered that famous painters were born with the necessary contacts to become famous. Adela thinks that they must be prepared to new difficulty’s challenges.

Adela has a pretender: Bill a psychology, who treated many times to become her boyfriend but she is always living memories from the past. But besides, there is something very terrible that happen in a nightmare that she has. She suffers deeply, because she feels that something horrible would happen to American people, she felt that the nightmare was a premonition.

Once a day when they were having a coffee together they watched in the T.V. something terrible: the Twins Towers attack, it represents what she saw in the nightmare. Again she was very, very sad and deeply moving, she said to Bill that it was what she saw in the nightmare.

War is important for Marisa and peace for Peter. Adela is on favor to peace like Peter. For that reason she project to make a Monument to Peace, she showed them a drawing of that Monument.

Something very tragic happens then, but the students built the Monument to Peace in her honor. The film end asking S.O.S. to humanity to avoid wars and terrorism.